How to add Bonnet & Boot struts to a VB-VL Commodore

Well I have had a heap of people e-mailing me, asking how to add boot & bonnet struts to their Walkinshaw. So I have made a how to on what parts are needed, and how to do this. It really is very easy, and doesn't take long to do. It makes working on the engine much easier as you don't have that annoying bonnet stay in your way all the time, and if you have a boot spolier, it will hold your boot up. Original walkinshaw's came with a strut, but for those who have a replica, or another type of boot spolier, then this will hold it up. In all, for both the bonnet & boot, it should take you about 20-30 mins to do. Click on any of the pics below, to enlarge that pic.

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We will start with the bonnet

These are the parts that you will need:

2 x VL wagon tailgate struts
2 x VL wagon tailgate ball joints
2 x VR / VS front guard joints

These parts should cost you $30-$40 from a wrecker. When asking for the VR / VS front guard joints, try to get them in the same colour as your guards are to match. If you can't get them the same or similar colour, you may need to get them painted to match your guards.


Pop your bonnet, and remove the coolant overflow bottle. Then remove the 3rd bolt from the front of both of your guards, and replace them with the VR / VS front guard joints, with the ball joints facing your motor.

Now take the 2nd bolt out of both of the bonnet hinges, and replace them with the VL wagon tailgate ball joints. These should be the same thread as the existing bolts, and should screw straight in.

Once you have done that, simply push the strut on both ends, put the overflow bottle back, and if you want take the old bonnet stay out and thats it!!! This is how it will look!

Now for the boot.

These are the parts that you will need:

2 x strut ball joints with nuts on the back
1 x small strut

All i did was go to Supercheap and buy a small strut for $20, and matching balljoints with nuts on the back. Then I drilled a hole in the middle of the right side boot hinge, and put one of the ball joints there.

Then I drilled a hole in the lip on the edge of the right suspension mount and put the other ball joint in there.

Then it's simply a matter of putting the strut on both ball joints like this!

This should hold your boot up with a spoiler now!

If you have any questions, e-mail me

Good Luck!


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