Glen & Roberts VL Walkinshaw


This is Glen & Roberts VL Walkinshaw from New Zealand. This car has had quite a life, with it being stolen and stripped many years ago. Glen & Robert bought the car, and set about restoring it to like new condition, and im sure you'll agree, they have done a fantastic job!

The car was stolen way back in 1994, when apparently the owner ducked into his office to get something and left it running outside, two minutes later it was gone. IDIOT!
A month later it was found stripped bare, no motor, gearbox, interior, diff, wheels, brakes, bodykit. It was then held as evidience to a case for approximately a year. Then sold at police auction.

The guy who bought it held onto it for a year or so, hoping that the missing parts would turn up in future auctions, the bodykit did but nothing else. So he sold it off.

The next fella to own it had big plans for the car in the form of a massive quad cam V8 out of a corvette ZR1, and a six speed box. Fortunately for us he wasn't much of a finisher or a starter for that matter and eight years after he purchased the car, he sold it to us in exactly the same condition plus a few spares that he had picked up over the years.

We bought the car in May 2002, and since then have been working steadily to restore her to her former glory.

First thing we got was the drive train, not original Walkinshaw but something to make the wheels turn none the less. This driveline is still in the car and one day we will get a genuine walky engine and gearbox.

Rebuilt 308
Extensively worked
VS T5 5 speed
Rebuilt LSD

Other parts we sourced in NZ included,

Radiator, brake calipers & lines (front & rear), rear shocks & springs, fuel tank & pumps, aircond system, ignition module, recond steering rack & new hoses, plus an array of missing body parts.

That still left some pretty big things, and we got them all these parts from Australia, and all with the help of the Oz Performance fourms. Parts included,

Inlet Manifold
Complete Walkinshaw Interior
Original Walkinshaw Wiring Loom
Walky Gearshift Surround
Original Walkinshaw Wheels
Walkinshaw Heads
Computer & Bracket


The car was now drivable, but not registered for the road because we couldn't find out who the original owner was and we didn't know what the old plates were. The LTSA and police were less than helpful in our requests and it was a long uphill struggle to get it back on the road. Then about twenty months of trying, we finally got the infomation needed and she is now all legal to for the road.

At the same time that the whole registration thing got sorted out, we had her in the paint shop for a touch up, but when the guy mixed the paint it became apparent that the car was not its original colour. So instead of a touch up we had the whole car resprayed in true Panorama Silver, and mate that was the best decision ever.
The paint shop also had the car valet inside and out as well so now she looks like a gem.

That was the end of october 2003 when we got it back from the paint shop, and since then we haven't done much with her, except some tinted windows. So the specs read like this now.

Thats about all I can say about the car except it only has 38700km on the clock, and we loved every minute of restoring her.
Price wise, well we dont know exactly how much the car owes us, but we probably spent a little more than shes worth, but who keeps count of these kind of projects anyway!!!. It was fun.



Thanks to Glen & Robert for sharing the story of their Walkinshaw's rebuild.

All pics, and info supplied by Glen & Robert.

Build #: 127 / 750
Engine: Rebuilt & worked 308 , Walkinshaw twin throttle body manifold, minus the restrictor plate in the secondary throttle, Walkinshaw heads
Paint: Standard Walkinshaw
Body Kit: Standard Walkinshaw
Wheels/Tyres: Standard Walkinshaw
Suspension: Standard Walkinshaw
Gear Box: VS T5 5 speed
Diff: Rebuilt LSD
Brakes: Standard Walkinshaw
Exhaust: Standard Walkinshaw


Power: -
Future Plans: Holding on to it (Bloody Thiefs)
Thanks: -

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