Troy's HSV-461 Walkinshaw


Troy has seen the light! He has just bought his Walkinshaw, trading in a Corvette for it! Troy recently took it to Perth's Kwinana Motorplex, where he ran a 14.6, which is pretty good for a almost standard Walky! Troy has recently changed the mags for 17" VX SS's

Build #: 461 / 750
Engine: Standard Walkinshaw, HDT cam 192 grind, unrestricted throttle bodies, K&N Airfilter
Paint: Standard Walkinshaw
Body Kit: Standard Walkinshaw
Wheels/Tyres: 17" VX SS
Suspension: Standard Walkinshaw
Gear Box: Standard Walkinshaw
Diff: 3.45:1 LSD

Standard Walkinshaw with Bendix Ultimate Pads

Exhaust: 2 1/2" exhaust system
Stereo: Alpine CDM-7847EB Stereo Radio/CD Head Unit, Pioneer TS-C1002 4" mid woofers + 1/2" dome tweeters split system front stage speakers,
Sansui 6" rear parcel shelf speakers with bottom end capped off, Alpine Type S 12" subwoofer in enclosed box, Alpine MRP-F200 V-power amplifie
Future Plans: Wants 300+hp @ the wheels!

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