Alex's "EVLHSV" Walkinshaw Replica

As you can see from the pictures below, Alex's VL Calais has come along way in the time that he has had it in his possesion. Alex bought the car in 1999, and since then has changed almost everything!!! Adding a full Walkinshaw body kit, re-spraying the car in an un-disclosed colour (SImilar to the Rose Grey of the SV5000), adding the 18" Wheels, lowering, custom stereo and changing the motor from a 6 cyl RB30E to a VS 5.0 304 motor, with a T5G Walkinshaw gearbox, and VL V8 LSD Diff. Im sure that you'll agree that Alex has done a excellent job in the transformation!!!

Alex always knew what he wanted the car to look like, but like most of us, funds didn't allow this to happen straight away. So Alex set about making his dream come true, buy doing a little bit at a time. Firstly he added the 18's, lowered it, and window tints, then shortly after he did the motor and running gear swap, which kept him happy for a while, and then came the most dramatic change of all, the addition of the walky kit and the re-spray. The car now looked a million bucks, and with a V8 sounded like a million bucks, but we all know that a cruiser must have tunes, and so Alex added all the stereo gear. Inside, the steering wheel has been changed for a MOMO, a monster tacho and shift light and some other gauges to monitor the engines health have been added, with custom door pods on the front doors.

Alex is quite happy with his ride for now, but said that he would like to add some turbo's or a supercharger one day. Alex has no intentions of selling the car ever, and says that it will be an ongoing project. The one thing that it will always be is a street driven car.


New rims! Alex has added some 19" rims, changed the gearbox, lowered her a bit more, and also added some gear drives! Check out the new pics below.

Pics of Alex's car before, and during the build process. BIG difference!

All photo's & info supplied by Alex.




VS Injected 5.0 Litre V8, JP timing gear drive & Gilmer belt drive kit


Not telling!!!

Body Kit:

Full Walkinshaw


New rims, 19x8.5 with 235/35R19


Koni adjustable platform / King springs

Gear Box:

Brand new VT Series1 Getrag M34 5 speed box, light flywheel, 600hp clutch




VN SV5000 Disc's / Willwood Superlite Calipers


Custom headers / 3" mandrel bent / Flowmaster Muffler


Sony MD + CD Stacker + Phoenix Gold ZX450 Amp + Boston Pro 6 Components + 2 x Boston Pro 12 Subs

Future Plans:

Supercharger & more HP!!!!


Bathurst Performance Centre (AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND), Spillman Automotive (AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND), BRS Panel & Paint (AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND), Pneumatico Tire Shop (AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND)

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