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Sunday 11th July, 2004

Well it's been a white since I last updated the site! I have had it on my list of things to do for some time now, but time just seems to fly when your having fun, or in my case, trying to run a business! Either way, I have updated the site.

We have recently recorded our 70,000th hit for the site! in about a year and a half, that equals just under 1000 hits per week! Thanks to everyone who has visited the site, and has their car featured.

As usual, if you have a walkinshaw - original or replica, and would like to have it featured on the site, then simply e-mail me at craig@walkinshaw.net, with pics (6-8) specs and any info / history that you have on the car. We should soon have an ultra rare HSV F20 to feature, which there were only 4 ever produced (2 if you take away the company cars). If you have never heard of the F20, then your not alone. They are basically a VL with an RB30E (turbo & NA) engine, lower half walkinshaw kit (minus the lower front & rear lips & side skirts).

Added to the originals section is Goran's Walkinshaw, which is below, and can be found here.

Also I have added more build numbers to the build no's page. There is now a total of 141 build numbers, but keep em coming in!

I was recently e-mailed a pic of a model of one of the stretch walkinshaw limo's in 1:18 scale! The model is still being built by the same person who also created the limo on need for speed. Obviously he is a huge fan of the limo's. The amount of time that he has spent already on this model is amazing. He got 2 biante 1:18 model walkinshaw models & cut them in half (The Central Park boys would be proud!).

Also I have had heaps of requests on how to add bonnet & boot struts to a Walkinshaw (Or any othe VL or VB-VL for that matter), so I have added an article on what you need and how do add these. It's in the articles section, and can be found here.

Friday 23rd April, 2004

Just a quick update. I had the pleasure of viewing a preview of this years official Motorvation DVD - "Get Motivated Vol 1". The guys at Smooth Motion Films, have done an absolutely awesome job in filming & producing the DVD. The DVD has a little bit of everything from the weekend held earlier this year at the Quit Motorplex in WA.

From burnouts to babes, the top 80 pavillion, super cruises, Gary Myers awesome Supercharged Mustang, this DVD is packed full with over 70 mins worth of non stop action that you do not want to miss! Over 500 cars participated in the weekend & with 20,000+ people going thru the gates, the atmosphere was electric and captured on this DVD.

Head on over to the offical ordering page, which can be found here, or by clicking on the picture below!! Get your copy now!!

Saturday 3rd April, 2004

Appologies for the lack of updates latley, but I have started my own business, and just haven't had the time to do updates as I would have liked. Anyway I have added 2 new cars to the replica's section.

Alex from New Zealands Walkinshaw replica. You can check it out here.

Angelo's Blue Calais Turbo Walkinshaw replica can be found here.

Benno's Gold Walkinshaw replica recently received a Calais headlight front. The new pics can be found here.

Glen & Robert from New Zealand sent me some new pics of there original Walkinshaw. The new pics can be found here.

I have also added some more build numbers aswell.

Saturday 3rd Jan, 2004

Well Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone! I hope 2004 is a great year for all. As you can see above, we have just clocked 50,000 hits to the site in just under a year!. Thanks to everyone who visits the site, and to those who have allowed me to feature their cars.

Appologies yet again for the lack of updates, but I have finally gotten round to adding some more cars, articles and build numbers to the site.

First of all, the new cars that have been added.

Glen & Robert's Walkinshaw from New Zealand has been added to the originals section. This car was stolen and recovered, & Glen & Robert bought it and went about restoring her! Check out the full story here.

Butla's Grey Walkinshaw replica has been added to the replica's section. Click here to have a look.

Stewart's Red VL Walkinshaw replica has been added to the replica's section. Check it out here.

I have added more build numbers to the build numbers section. The total is now up to 125, but keep them coming in!

I have added another article on Walkinshaw's to the articles section. A big thanks to Cliff for sending it in!

I have also added some more info on options to the History section, which can be found here. Thanks to Bill for sending this info in!

Someone has also designed a Walky limo for the game, Need for Speed 3!!! Hopefully we will be able to make it availible to download, so you can add it to your Need for Speed 3!

Speaking of Walky limo's, Matt from Central Park Limo's has his original Walkinshaw interior for sale. This includes front seats, rear seats, all door trims (No fittings), rear shelf with speakers, hood lining and floor carpet. He is asking $2000 and can be e-mailed at edgoss69@hotmail.com. This stuff is in absolutley immaculate condition, with no marks, scratches etc.... Looks like brand spanking new. The car had only travelled 60,000kms when it was removed.

Sunday 12th October, 2003

Well I have finally updated the site!! Appologies for the lateness of the updates, but work has been flat out.

As well as the usual additions to the build #'s page, there are also a couple of new cars on the site. Firstly Adrian's Walkinshaw replica, which looks like a genuine walkinshaw! Adrian's car can be seen here.

Also I have added Carl from New Zealand's Blue Walkinshaw replica. Carl's car can be seen here.

And finally, I was priviliged to witness one of the Walkinshaw limo's on the dyno! Matt's Walkinshaw limo (CENTRAL7) was on PSI Performance's dyno last month, and pulled 231.1 rwhp! I even managed to get some photo's and recorded the beast on the dyno! Both the video and picture are availible in the downloads section, along with a wallpaper. The video is 2.3meg and goes for 22 secs.

Finally I also have added a couple of video's of Benno's Gold Walkinshaw replica. There are 2 video's. The 1st one is 2.3mb, goes for 16 secs and is in .avi format. The 2nd one is 1.6 mb, goes for 14 secs and is also in .avi format.

Monday July 28, 2003

I have added Wayne & Thalia's genuine Walkinshaw to the original's section. Click here to see it. I have also added a few more build no's.

I have another car to add this week. Appologies for taking so long to update the site, but I have started a new job, and been extreemly busy latley. Thanks to all who have sent in their car's info!

Wednesday July 9, 2003


Luke is selling his Black Walkinshaw wagon replica. This is really an awseome car. Fully optioned electrics, cruise, Walkinshaw body kit, Calais front end, bare metal respray- black, rebuilt mild 308, auto, 4-wheel cross drilled discs, lowered koni / lovells suspension, tint, custom interior, remote pioneer sound, remote central lock / alarm. Awesome car too much to list, call for details. $25 000 ono. Click here for more info and pics, or under replica's you can see his page on this site.

Phone Luke on 0403 04 2001, Genuine enquiries only please.

I also have 3 cars & some more build no's & articles to upload. Sorry to those people who have sent me these, but I have been flat out with a new job, but they will be up very soon!

Wednesday June 11, 2003


Walkinshaw #292 was stolen on Wednesday the 28/5, it was completely immaculate with round 10,000k's on clock. The car was stolen from Chermside in Brisbane at midnight and a $2000 reward will be given for helpful info. The car didn't have any number plates. Please be on the lookout for this car, or parts that may have been taken from it. If you have any info on this car, please e-mail craig@walkinshaw.net & I'll pass the info on.

Wednesday June 5, 2003

I have added new pics of both Benno's gold Walky, & the Stretch Walkinshaw limo's. Click here to see new pics of Benno's car, and here to see new pics of the stretch walky's. The new pics of the limo's are certainly worth taking a look at as they feature some rather nice young ladies!

Monday May 5, 2003

Well not much has been happening latley. I have a few cars to put on the site, but still waiting for more info. I have added some more build no's to the build numbers section, and a few new links.

Remember, if you have an original or replica Walkinshaw, and would like to have it featured, then e-mail me craig@walkinshaw.net!!!

Tuesday April 15, 2003

Another wallpaper added. Geoff Ham has created a wallpaper of Sam's Harlequin Calais Turbo Walkinshaw replica. Click here to download it. Once again thanks Geoff!!!

Added some more build no's to the build numbers section aswell!

Thursday April 3, 2003

New wallpaper added!!! Geoff Ham has created a wallpaper of Wayne's White Walkinshaw replica. Click here to download it!!!

Wednesday March 26, 2003

Another car added!!! Wayne's White Walkinshaw replica is now in the replica's section. Click here to see it!

Also added some more build no's to the build numbers section.

Tuesday March 25, 2003

New car added!!! Sam's "BEWARE" Harlequin VL Calais Turbo Walkinshaw replica is now in the replica's section. Click here to see it!

Monday March 24, 2003

A few bits of news, firstly a HUGE thanks to Geoff Ham for creating the new banner! Im sure you'll agree it looks heaps better than my pathetic attempt! Once again thanks Geoff!

Secondly, walkinshaw.net was listed in the April edition of Street Machine's magazine! It's on page 13, under the 'Click & Drag' section. A big thanks to Street Machine mag for putting it in, & thanks to Glenn Barton for e-mailing me & letting me know. There is also a feature article on the blue Walky replica with the LS1 engine "AWSSOM". If anyone knows the owner of this car, please e-mail me!!!

Finally, added a few more build number's to the build no's page. Thanks & keep em comin in!!

Monday March 10, 2003

Fixed the theme in the download's section, so now it can actually be downloaded! Also added some more build no's.

Wednesday February 26, 2003

Added some more cars to the build numbers page. Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me with their build no's!

Wednesday February 19, 2003

I have added some more cars to the build numbers page, as well as some stats on Troy's Walkinshaw which can be found under the orginals section.

Tuesday February 11, 2003

I have updated the build numbers page with some that I have been e-mailed. Thanks to those that e-mailed me their build no's.

On a sad note, last night in Perth, Starr Performance's Devil Yellow Supercharged CV8 Monaro was stolen from a local workshop. This car is from Victoria and has VIC plates (RMB960) & was in Perth for the Holden vs Ford show, which was on last weekend. The car was due to go back to Melbourne today. The car pulled 564rwhp on the dyno over the weekend.

The car has been seen around the Perth suburb of Kelmscott. They filled up with petrol without paying at a local service station. One of the featured car's on this site (KEEN AS) was in the same workshop, & the key's were stolen after they tried to start it but were unsucsessful.

Please keep a look out for this car, and call the Police if you see it. More info can be found here.

Friday February 7, 2003

Welcome to www.walkinshaw.net. This site is dedicated to the VL SS Group A SV or "Walkinshaw" is it is more commonly known as. This site will bring you all the history that makes the Walky one of Australia's true muscle cars.

If you have an original walkinshaw, or a replica & would like it featured on this site, simply e-mail craig@walkinshaw.net with some pics and as much info as possible about your car.

Suggestions are always welcome! If you have a suggestion, please e-mail me. If you have any info on the walkinshaw also please e-mail me.

www.walkinshaw.net has an affiliation with the discussion fourm www.ozperformance.net. This is a discussion fourm about cars in general. Weather you have a technical question, or are looking to buy or sell something, head on over and check it out now!

I have set up a chatroom on Austnet called #walkinshaw, so come in and have a chat! You will need a program called Mirc which can be downloaded for free at www.mirc.com. You will then need to connect to a random Austnet Server. Once you have connected type /join #walkinshaw.